This book is for leaders, CEOs, CPOs and heads of Product who wish to organise their teams to build impactful digital products.

It provides concrete, actionable frameworks and principles without being dogmatic. While we don’t believe there’s a single “magical” organisational structure that you can simply duplicate everywhere, this book outlines the common traits of the most successful product organisations.

The CPOs’ questions answered

Chapter 1

What is a Product organisation?

Placing Product at the heart of the organisations enables companies to offer a unique digital experience.  This chapter presents what are the necessary roles to conceive, develop and promote your products.

Chapter 2

How do you drive Product team objectives?

Lack of well-defined objectives and constantly change in scopes result in low motivation and turnover in the teams.  How to set up transparent and consistent objectives?

Chapter 3

How should you structure Product teams?

The Product organisation has scaled up. There are bottlenecks, a lot of energy and time is wasted in synchronisation meetings. How to structure your teams efficiently?

Chapter 4

How do you manage adherences?

We provide practical solutions to the many situations of friction that your organisation may encounter.

Chapter 5

Which Product profiles should you recruit when scaling?

How to recruit when you scale up? This chapter offers a list of relational and technical skills that you should look for in Product profiles. It also offers a training framework, career paths and HR techniques to best manage the onboarding of newcomers.

Chapter 6

How can Product discovery be industrialised?

Product discovery activities are crucial to a product’s success because they help cut down on the risks that are taken and design closer to users’ needs.

Chapter 7

How do you manage user feedback when scaling?

We end this book with the best practices to collect, process and diffuse the user feedback.


In order to write this book, we interviewed over thirty Product leaders from French and international companies, all of them very mature in Product Management.

We thank them for their passion, their kindness and their time.

Algolia, Maxime Prades , VP of Product Management // Azalead, Jean-Yves Simon, Head of Product // Bankin’, Nicolas Martin, CPO // BlaBlacar, Benjamin Retourné, Lead Product Manager // Captain Contrat, Julien Janson, Product Director // Captain Contrat, Maxime Wagner, Co-founder & COO // Chauffeur Privé, Matthieu Reboul, Lead product Manager // Kapten, ex-Chauffeur Privé, Rémi Bardoux, Head of Product & Design // Deezer, Fabrice Des Mazery, Head of Product and Growth // Deezer, Benjamin Moitié, Head of effectiveness // Drivy, Nicolas Mondollot, Co-founder & CPO // Drivy, Charles Vahanian, Lead Product Owner // Fixter, Frédéric Dermer, CPO // Gemalto, Frédéric Martinent, Head of Mobile Marketing // Kisio Digital, Laurent Leca, CPO // L’Express, Alexandre Takacs, Director of Product & UX // Leboncoin, Jean-Baptiste d’Anchald, Senior Product Manager // Leboncoin, Abderrahmane Abdallahoum, Head of UX // M6 Web, Renaud Vaillant, Directeur Pôle Digital Consumer // ManoMano, Pierre Fournier, Head of Product // Molotov.tv, Damien Delautier, Head of Product // Ooreka, Augustin Vexiau, Head of Product // OUI.sncf, Yannick Combourieu, Head of Product Management // OuiCar, Teresa Karrer, CPO // SeLoger, Sandy Castagna, Head of Product – Mobile // Sirup lab (ex Evernote), Xavier Delplanque, Digital Product Maker // Spicesoft, Yolène Louison, Product Manager // Vente-Privée, Alexia Boulot, Lead Product Owner // Wynd, Benoît Bourdon, VP Product



Managing Director & Product Strategist


Lead Product manager

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Product Strategist