The Product Academy collection

Our three books download like hotcakes. We’re happy that many have had the chance to devour knowledge from them!

Agile Product

Our 14 rules for Product Management! For all those who want to discover or strengthen the know how of the creation of digital products.


Advice on methodologies and best practices to boost your growth and ensure, step by step, the best development of your digital products.

Product oriented

Whether you are at the head of a startup or part of a big group, here is actionable advice to set up a product oriented structure.

Product Design in a Product Organization

How to integrate Product Design into your Product organization?

Tech Trends

Through this book, we would like to support you step by step in the design of your Data Science product.

Product events

We are part of the very first Product Managers involved in the product community. Happy co-organisers of:

La Product Conf

Product Managers, Product Owners, Designers, CPOs : this is your conference. Discover the next dates!


Each month, the meetup that enables Product lovers to meet and learn.

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