Exciting assignments

We guarantee that we’ll find you a Product assignment. A beautiful Product role that showcases who we are and what we love to do.

We work with a variety of companies from hyper-growth startups to large corporations who really want to accelerate their Product culture.

We always evaluate the quality of the mission itself, the environment in which the client team operates, and the impact you will have.

become Product Manager
Become Product Manager

Learn constantly

We have created a skills development framework to help all Thigirls and Thiguys progress. At Thiga, the managers are themselves Product Managers, Product Marketers or Product Designers, and they mentor you.

Become Product Manager

Our remote days

You have 1 day per month with your manager and your team to exchange experience and ideas and get help to tackle the most difficult problems.

Become Product Manager

Our trainings

You’ll regularly participate in skilling up training sessions to get you up to speed.

Become Product Manager

Our T-times

Once a month, we gather to have a half-day training. We dissect concrete problems together.

Become Product Manager

Be part of an adventure

Since the beginning, we have always chosen to give first, and then receive. Because we believe it’s best for karma, and because it’s part of our beliefs. As a Thigirl or Thiguy, your sense of initiative and your drive to go that extra-mile is always supported.

At the heart of the

Product community

La Product Conf, the LPCx meetups, four must-read books, a blog with +10,000 visitors a month: we certainly roll up our sleeves so that the Product community grows.

Within Thiga

Behind the scenes, there are hundreds of feedback messages shared. Our slack is very active, you can ask your questions and benefit from the best talents in Product Management.

Join us if you believe in our values

La bienveillance


When recruiting new Thiguys, aside from their work skillset, we place a high value on their human qualities and interpersonal skills. We have come to expect to work with people that are happy to listen, help out others, and maintain the positive spirit between us. If you don’t know something, you will be helped.

Le partage


We make Thiga a great place to learn for the Thiguys. It’s important for us to pass on what we know, and we do it with passion, through our books, our blog and our conferences.



This is the only subject we don’t take lightly. The excellence of Thiga is the fruit of great demands. We’re always challenging ourselves to improve, raise the standards. Thinking out of the box to reinvent our job is one of our favourite exercises..

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