Three trainings

Product Management Essentials

This course will teach you about the importance of not just having the right toolkit for Product Management but also knowing which tools to use and when. This course will also teach you about the importance of the Product Management mindset and we’ll use both theory and practical examples to understand this.

Concept and tools :

Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Culture Produit, Lean Canvas, Interviews, Smoke tests, MVP, Story Mapping, Roadmap, Analytics, AARRR, Crazy 8

Product Growth training

Two-day training to understand the Product Growth mindset, methods and know-how:

  • Discover the fundamental concepts and mindset of Product Growth: KPIs, Growth process, AARRR funnel
  • Define your Growth strategy: segmentation, growth channel identification (Bull eye Framework)
  • Manipulate Growth tools, from acquisition to retention

Design thinking training

This training is for currentProduct Managers and Product Owners.

Our UX Designers will give you the knowledge to implement a Design Thinking process, from user needs discovery to a validated prototype. They will also teach you the Design Sprint methodology.