Define the Product Strategy

We work on many levels. A company, a Product,
or a feature of this Product.

Analyser la stratégie

1. Analyse the strategy and Product performance

Définir une vision produit

2. Define a Product Vision

Valider rapidement des idées produit

3. Quickly validate Product ideas

Poser la stratégie de croissance

4. Set the growth strategy

Identifier un modèle de revenu

5. Identify a revenue model

6. Booster la performance d'un produit existant

6. Boost the performance of an existing product

Organise your Product team

We work on many levels. Company, management, a team.

Analyser l'organisation existante

1. Analyse the existing organisation

Aller au-delà de l'équipe Produit

2. Build a successful Product organisation

Diffuser la culture Produit

3. Disseminate the Product culture

Définir la gouvernance Produit

4. Define Product governance

Construire des parcours de carrière Produit

5. Build Product career paths

Booster la performance d’un Produit existant

6. Train and coach teams and management

Thiga n’est pas un cabinet de conseil comme les autres. Nous conjugons…

The rigour of a consulting firm & the culture of a startup

Thiga was born in the tech ecosystem. We are co-founders of La Product Conference and have been identified in the 25 Top Linkedin Startups in 2018. We are proud to be able to trigger inspiring practices within the Product community.

A strategic and operational know-how

We work hand in hand with our Product Management and Design colleagues. We are currently immersed in the most mature product teams on the market. We assign our experts in Product Management, Data Science, Growth and Design according to your project.