Attend exciting missions

We guarantee that we’ll find you a product role at one of our clients but not just any role. We strive for the roles and companies that suite our consultants. Beautiful product roles that showcase who we are and what we love to do.

We work with a variety of companies from hyper growth startups to large groups who really want to accelerate their product culture.

We always evaluate the quality of the mission itself, the environment in which the client team operates, and the impact you will have.

Learn constantly

We have created a skills development framework to help all Thigirls & guys progress. At Thiga, the managers are themselves Product Managers or Product Designers.

Nos remote days

Our remote days

You have 1 day per month with your manager and your team to exchange experience and ideas and get help with tackling the most difficult subjects.

Nos formations

Our trainings

You’ll regularly participate in skilling up training sessions to get you up to speed.

Nos T-times

Our T-times

Once a month, we gather to have a drink, relax and talk about something other than work.

Be part of an adventure

Since the beginning, we have always chosen to give first, and then receive. We believe in karma, and because it’s part of our beliefs we live it. As a Thigirl.guy, your sense of initiative and your drive to go that extra-mile is always appreciated.

At the heart of the community Product

A Product Conference, LPCx meetups, three reference books, a blog with more than 10,000 visitors a month: we certainly do our part for the product community around us to grow.

At Thiga

Behind the scenes, there are hundreds feedback messages shared. Our slack is very active, you can ask your questions and benefit from the best talent in product management.

Work hard & play hard

Thigirls & guys have a light spirit but do not take things lightly.
Humor is a key value! We like to have fun at work. In fact, we like to
have fun all the time. And knowing when to take a break is also very important.


Food, Drinks & Friends

Once a month, we gather to have a drink, relax and talk about something other than work.

Team Building

Team Building

Every year, we leave work, to enjoy a moment together and breathe the spirit. Departure for a 3-day offsite!

Happy at work

Happy at work

We are so happy with doing what we do, that we’re recognised and rewarded for it.


Join us if you find your self relating to our values

La bienveillance


Listening, helping others and good spirit between Thiguys are what we’ve come to expect. Beyond the competence, we recruit on the human qualities and the personal investment. We help each other out. If you do not know something, we’ll quickly help you to know it.

Le partage


We make Thiga a great place to learn for the Thiguys and for all Thiga Academy students. To transmit what we know matters to us, and we do it with passion, through our books, our blog and our conferences.



This is the only subject we don’t take lightly. The excellence of Thiga is the fruit of a great demand, and a permanent challenge to always improve our standards. Getting out of the box to rethink our job is one of our favourite exercises.

So, how will you join our team?



At first you’ll have a conversation on the phone with one of us.



You’ll then get a chance to meet us


Case Study

You’ll do a case study with one or more of our consultants in attendance.



Last interview with the team

The company’s vision, human qualities and personal fit are very important and each of our consultants encompass these values, when recruiting we take our time to select only those that align with all that we stand for.

You’ll get a chance to meet and get to know your peers, share knowledge and experiences and ask questions whenever you like, we all help each other out. You’ll also get a chance to recruit peers and help Thiga grow!