Our Product Managers

Our recruitment process is well-rounded and challenging. This guarantees a good consultant-client fit.
Our Thigirls and Thiguys are delivery-oriented.

Our Full-Stack Product Managers

They are able to intervene on the whole Product life cycle.

  • Understand the Product vision
  • Define the roadmap
  • Write the Product backlog
  • Set up a learning loop based on Product KPIs

Our specialists Product Managers

Data Product Manager

  • Define the MVP of a Data Science Product
  • Work in a Data Product Team on a daily basis (with Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Ops, …)
  • Guide the exploratory phases and prototyping
  • Go live every 2 weeks, and not in long cycles

Growth Product Manager

  • Identify long-term growth channels
  • Align Product, Marketing and Sales teams on Growth KPIs
  • Set up a high-frequency experimentation process based on the AARRR framework
  • Establish a Data-Centric approach with tools for activation and retention

Our Product Designers

Our Product Designers fit perfectly into an Agile Product Team. Thay know how to:

  • Conduct user research: interviews and user observation, personas, jobs-to-be-done
  • Facilitate co-design workshops: Crazy 8, Six to One
  • Conceive customers journeys and define the information architecture
  • Prototype a functional and intuitive user experience: storyboards, wireframes and mock-ups
  • Iterate on the conception and design of the interfaces and recommend improvements

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We use methods and tools which synthesise the best market practices: Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile & Lean UX.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

By employing a variety of techniques, we build empathy with the people you are creating your product for. Many tools and methods are used to enable teams to come to a perfect understanding of who their user is and what his/her needs are.

lean startup lean UX

Lean Startup & Lean UX

Reach Product Market fit by testing the assumptions made about key features with real users and measure the data acquired from experiments as early as possible.

Scrum & kanban

Scrum & Kanban

Nowadays, more often than not, we’re dealing with agile delivery frameworks.

Agile UX

Agile UX

Apply Lean UX to products to focus on the experience being designed, rather than deliverables. Test, learn and iterate to assess what works best for the business and the user.

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