Thigirls & Thiguys love Product

We are passionate and generous. We love to share our experience, question what we know. Always hungry for knowledge. Consultants working hard with humility.

Product Design, Product Marketing, Product Ownership, Coaching, Product Organization: we have a wide range of expertise.

Grow in Product

We enable you to create the best digital products.
We aim to achieve this through: leading by example, offering advice and training.
Our magic trick: Thiga combines the sharp expertise of a consulting firm and a startup mindset.

delivery product management


A Product Manager, Product Marketer or Product Designer in your team for 3 to 12 months.

consulting product management


Supporting CPOs and the C-Level on Product Strategy and Product Organisation

climbing the stairs of product management training


The school of Product Management and Product Design, from PO to CPO!

From startups to corporates,
hundreds of companies have trusted in us to get the job done.


Books & Conferences

Since our beginning, we have shared our knowledge and organised events for the Product community to grow in France and Spain. La Product Conf gathers 6,000 Product Lovers! Our books are available in three different languages.

Deep Dive

5 books just for you! We master the subject and give you the best bits.

Learn from the doers

Annual conferences and monthly meetups dedicated to the Product community

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